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This giveaway will run from June 17, 2013 until July 4, 2013 at 11:59pm CST. Open to US, and you must be at least 18 to enter.


Winner will receive Zipaboo sleeper of their choice!

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A harnessed booster seat that’s worth the money!

I am what you call car seat crazy. I hate seeing kids in the wrong seat for them or in their seat incorrectly. I also hate car seats that are the minimum standards and have bad information on the. Such as the whole “forward facing from 20lbs and 1 year” It makes parents think they can just turn their kids around when they are one and they will be safe. That is so far from wrong and I hate that its okay for car seat companies to advertise like this. So when it did come time to turn my three year old around forward facing I was nervous. Okay beyond nervous.  I am still nervous but it has been almost a month and I am getting more use to it. Although I am never going to get use to the constant talking and in my business that has started now…

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Elegant Daddy Tie by DaddyScrubs Giveaway


Welcome to the Elegant Daddy Tie by DaddyScrubs Giveaway!

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I want to send out special thank you to all my awesome blogger friends that are helping to promote this giveaway!

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This giveaway will run from June 14, 2013 until June 30, 2013 at 11:59pm CST. Open to US, and you must be at least 18 to enter.


Winner will receive an Elegant Daddy Tie by DaddyScrubs


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Ali & Joe Giveaway

These new types of shirts are all the rage now for maternity-wear.  I’m sad that they became popular after my pregnancies, because I find them to be super cute!  A few weeks ago, I reviewed Ali & Joe’s Love tank top for you.  Now, I get to show you Ali & Joe’s newest creations — the maternity line!

Of course, Ali & Joe created something that was truly unique, just like everything else that comes out of their studio.  As a “one-man” operation, Ali & Joe strives to make each and every shirt special and unique, just like their wearer!  The new maternity line was a complete accident after a friend told Ali&Joe she needed to make maternity!  She took the adorable and very popular baby feet from the infant line and put it on a swing top!  Trending right now in the maternity market isn’t actually wearing “maternity” at all!  The Swing Top that Ali & Joe has chosen for the maternity line is made of a super stretch cotton blend, has a raw edged v-neckline and a swing bottom.  Available in Wine, Charcoal or Blush the shirt allows for a growing baby belly and covers the mom-to-be’s hips and tush!  Right now, Ali&Joe is offering 3 different styles and hopes to grow to 4 by next summer!

These new Maternity styles from Ali&Joe are a stylish and comfortable way to show off your pregnancy!  They currently retail for $32 and can be found in 3 stores throughout the NY, NJ and LA areas
Were your maternity clothes this cute?  Not mine…

Ali&Joe is so generously giving away a Maternity Tee to one lucky winner!  Winner must be 18+ and in the US!   Enter through following the steps in the Rafflecopter link below!

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Sprout cups baby food storage system

When Dexter was a baby I never made him his own food, I thought it would be to difficult and time consuming. Not to mention I thought I would spend more money and food would always go bad. This time around with Max I knew I wanted to make him his own food after learning about the things they put in baby food and don’t tell you. So with Max I began a baby food making journey. It was incredibly easy. Except one thing. I could not find anything to put the food in! I bought a product that came with baby food storage jars but instead of being convenient they were more “cutesy” They were not practical at all and I had a hard time using them.

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Britax in Our Lives

Cool Moms Cool Tips is a BRITAX Latina Advisory Board Member and Blogger and are excited to  spread the word on child safety via Britax amazing products .All opinions, ideas,  and stories are our own.

We are always running around.

We are always running around town in our car.

Our daily routines always include several trips.  Take for  example a simple weekday

we drive to grandparenphoto.JPGts for a morning snack,

drop off at school, pick up at school,

playground time

go to our extracurricular activities and

finally drive back home.


That could easily be at least 30 miles a day.

On weekends, we are back to the car running errands or driving to fun activities.

We live in a city where traffic can be nightmarish and unfortunately there is no hope in sight for traffic to improve.  Truth be told, we are not the best drivers in the world, and if to that you ad the tourists that visits us every day, we end up with a crazy combination of people behind the wheel.

I think even if it were the safest city in the world to drive in, you never know what may happen.  Accidents occur in  a split second and for many

This is why we are so grateful to have Britax in our lives.

We have discovered there is no safer car seat in the industry as any of the different styles and versions that Britax has.

From first hand experience the ease of installation plus their new click it technology has parents comfort written all over them.  Of course kids ride comfortably in these car seats, so they just sit and enjoy every trip.

Far more importantly is the safety of this car seats.  The features like click tight for secure and safe car seat installation every time, or HUGS chest pads with Safe Cell technology,  paired to the above regulation standards used to construct the car seats are beyond any peace of mind anything can possibly give me as a parent.

A priceless jewel.

Definitively, the one advice everyone should be giving you at your baby shower: get Britax!

By the way, these are very durable and long lasting car seats that more than survive milk spill, crushed and mashed food, and all the harsh treatment kids put things through.  We simply love the easy to wash and clean these car seats.


With amazing Britax Car Seats, our driving feels like we have a special bubble protecting our munchkins while we keep our schedules in check, run our busy lives and from time to time simply sit back and enjoy each other while we drive around.

We will not be slowing down on our driving any time soon, so bring it on while we ride in Britax style!   Britax has our back 🙂

Easy Paper Embellishments – Paper Roses

This is a very easy project that even the kids can do with great results.  First you need a supply of paper or cardstock.  You can use almost anything – even pages from a book or magazine (which produce some beautiful and interesting results).  Today I am using some simple cardstock colors – bright colors.

First you cut out a circle in a spiral pattern – while cutting create a sort of scalloped edge by moving your cutting pattern in a wavy motion.  (see more details below)…


Starting with the outer edge (lower left of this photo) roll the entire spiral tightly.  Once you have all if it wound tightly, release it (it will not come undone, it will just loosen enough to form a flower).  The innermost portion of the spiral (center) will serve as a base to glue the flower upon.  The result is below.  The more concentric circles in your spiral, the more full the flower will be.

You can use these paper flowers to make bouquets, decorate gifts or gift bags, create garland etc… Pretty much anything you can use regular flowers for, substitute with paper flowers. 



This is what it looks like once you cut it into a spiral…

You don’t use tweezers for this project but I was using them so you could see the detail without my fingers being in the way.

Then you start rolling the spiral edge – start at the outer edge of the spiral moving inward.  It really doesn’t matter if you roll under or over – whatever is comfortable for you.  Just try to keep your rolling as tight as you can – that will keep the shape well after you have completed your rose.

start rolling


keep rolling…


keep going until you get to the center


the whole thing is rolled now


let it go… it will open up on its own – if you want it to open up more just put a little pressure on the center and it will automatically open up some – stop when it has the look you desire. 
There you have it – glue them to bags, fill up a basket, decorate presents etc…  We use them for anything and everything and always have a premade supply on hand.

No longer a messy bag lady!

Picture this: A lady walking down the street, in high heels, cute outfit, two cute kids with her,  but then you notice something is off, she has two bags overflowing with stuff. Neither bag is very cute nor functional. That lady is me. Okay so I am probably not in heels and my kids are probably screaming. But none the less my whole outfit is being ruined by this monstrosities of diaper bags/purses I have to carry and they are not even doing their jobs!

Usually I am carrying 2 bags or one purse and one book bag. The dreaded book bag. EWW. So when PinkLinning sent me a bag to review I was so excited! Although it took me almost an hour to pick out which bag I wanted. All of their bags are so cute! I finally decided on the Yummy Mummy in Navy bows . First let me tell you how cute this bag is! It makes me feel like I am coordinated and cute. I am usually a big mess but with this bag I at least look put together. I love the cup cake on the front but Dexter says “Its not very nice to not really have a cupcake in there, that’s not nice”. But I think it is a cute touch. Another thing about the cuteness of this bag is the cute lining and that it is actually pink! I love it.

Okay now onto the actual functionality of this bag.

So as you can see this bag has a pocket for everything! And all the pockets are big enough for the stuff they say can go in there. I love the thermo insulated pockets. I can keep the boys sippy cups cool, and I can also fit a fruit pouch in there along side. The fruit pouches have to be kept cold so I love not having to worry about them! I love how big the main compartment is too I can fit all their stuff plus my stuff and it stays organized! I also love how easy it is to clean. You can just take a damp wash cloth to the outside and clean off any spill! The Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag also comes with a cushioned changing and a wet bag, each featuring cupcakes.
This is a normal amount of stuff for me to have in my diaper bag.
roughly, two cloth diapers, a wet bag, two sippy cups, two fruit pouches, extra clothes for both kids, extra unders for Dexter, two pairs of shoes, sunscreen a snack, a disposable toilet seat cover, wipes, sunscreen, car keys, phone, sunglasses and my camera.
and it all fit. and neatly too. I know the picture looks crowded but if you saw what my normal bag looked like you would agree this is neat.
The bag was not exploding and the side pocket even made it so I could bring something along for myself :O) I ended up putting my keys and phone in the front pocket and they fit nicely plus I didn’t have to go searching for them!
The diaper bag also comes with a removable shoulder strap. I like the shoulder strap better but I think a little padding on it would be nice, as my diaper bag sometimes gets a bit heavy!
This bag is really great and I would definitely recommend it to a friend! You can buy them here. Also you can “like” them on Facebook and follow them on twitter, you never know what they are going to come up with next so don’t miss out!
-Megan Our5cents
“Disclosure :  I received one or more of the products or Services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”