Cirque du Soleil, A Must See!

Regardless of which show you attend, Cirque du Soleil is definitively a must see.  Read on to get a feel for why we say this.

We have been fans of the Cirque du Soleil for quite some time.  We not only enjoy the performances, but keep the memories alive until the next show we can attend via their amazing music and soundtracks.   This year, we were incredibly fortunate to be invited to their show TOTEM. The shortage of words to describe this amazing production has been overwhelming. Entertaining, provocative, intellectual, physical, educational, symbolic, engaging, beautiful, surprising, innovative, heart-stirring. You have to experience it. Written and directed by Robert Lepage, TOTEM traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly. Inspired by many founding myths, TOTEM illustrates, through a visual and acrobatic language, the evolutionary progress of species. Somewhere between science and legend TOTEM explores the ties that bind Man to other species, his dreams and his infinite potential. It was for us the reflection and relationships between our origins and who we are today in a dynamic and fabulously artistic tale. The performance begins with several of the key characters mingling and interacting with the audience.   While we don’t want to give it out for those of you yet to go, we still have to give your some of our poignant moments. It all starts on a stage that features the giant skeleton of a turtle, the symbol of origin for many ancient civilizations.  Center stage comes a dark figure that become an luminescent entity that descends from the skies to bring life and accompanies the show throughout.  We loved this concept as it allows for each member in the audience to make their own interpretations.   At intermission we conversed with fellow-in-awe patrons like us, and while one viewed it as God, another translated the image into the big bag.  Someone said it was a visitor from another planet planting its species seed….

credit Goon Production

The explosion of color is present the entire time, fantastic and original acrobatics are performed with perfect accuracy and with a passion I have never seen from a performer.  Everyone seems truly dedicated to their moment on stage and devoted to giving the best they can. Native American music, actors and symbolism gave it an amplified respect for nature and deep tradition.  One of the most sensual and dramatic acts was that of a couple on roller skates spinning on a two meter diameter drum.  Seriously touching and breathtaking! The imagery to set the mood change on stage via video is not only impressive but  graphically of amazing quality delivering on cue the right setting.  There is no doubt that technological boundaries are being pushed to the limits with the different projections on stage that  easily transport you from a field of wheat to a lake or to a beach. The eclectic mix of performers and acts truly felt like a representation of the world, our different cultures or preferences. We went backstage to more wow moments.  The first thing that caught our attention was the dedication of the performers.  The show had ended and most were at the gym, working hard!  True they were warm and were taking advantage of this, but still it made an impression.
We were able to see the costumes (all made in Montreal) and talk about attention to detail!  Yet more remarkable is how heavy these costumes are.  From stage they look like a second skin. Here are some facts we took away from our backstage tour: -The cast of TOTEM comprises 53 artists from 18 countries— • There are 120 touring employees with 50 official accompanying members (spouses and family). So a total of 170 on the road! • A total of 23 children are on tour between the ages of 6 months and 17 years old. Currently, the youngest tour member is 6 months and the eldest is 61! • One of the performers is a Cirque du Soleil baby: born, raised and now working on tour! • Quebec curriculum is followed at school • The kitchen employs one touring kitchen manager and three touring cooks.

We could really go on and on and on about our experience and how utterly captivating it is.  Nevertheless, we prefer to encourage you to experience it for yourself.  You will not forget this fabulous experience easily.

Cool Chill Mom

Get a PhotoBook With 100 Photos FREE! Yup – FREE!

This is by far my favorite app on my iPhone.  If you haven’t checked it out – please do.  Your life will never be the same again.
Groovebook is a FREE app that lets you choose up to 100 photos from your camera roll into a beautiful 4.5″ x 6.5″ photobook for FREE and mails it to you monthly.
Your photos are printed on glossy photo paper and perforated for easy removal. That means you can share, frame, decorate, scrapbook and more. All this for FREE and just $2.99 each month for shipping and processing!
You will receive the first book shortly after ordering.  Subsequent books have a deadline of the first of the month and they are printed/mailed around the 15th of the month.
I already received my first Groovebook and immediately gave it away as a Mother’s Day gift to my Mother in Law.  It is definitely gift worthy!  You only pay $2.99 for shipping and processing.  That is far less than you pay even for 100 4×6 prints – and these are bound in a book.  How often do you take those photos with your phone and never do anything with them?  Now you can quickly and easily download them into a book directly from your phone.You do do have some options when ordering – if you want multiples of any particular photos – you can do that.  Also, if that month you want multiples of a particular book – no problem.  Change your settings to print 2 or more!

To get your first Groovebook for FREE (no shipping and processing fee) use coupon code – GROOVEOFSUCCESSYup that is correct – a book of 100 4×6 prints FREE.  Can’t beat it for sure.  

And here are some photos of mine:

Okay so trying to take photos of my photos without someone holding the book open for me proved to be a bit of a challenge.  And since it is a dreary, dismal day outside the colors are not nearly as vibrant as they are actually in print.  The photos are perfect and exactly as I would expect them to be in the book. 

A harnessed booster seat that’s worth the money!

I am what you call car seat crazy. I hate seeing kids in the wrong seat for them or in their seat incorrectly. I also hate car seats that are the minimum standards and have bad information on the. Such as the whole “forward facing from 20lbs and 1 year” It makes parents think they can just turn their kids around when they are one and they will be safe. That is so far from wrong and I hate that its okay for car seat companies to advertise like this. So when it did come time to turn my three year old around forward facing I was nervous. Okay beyond nervous.  I am still nervous but it has been almost a month and I am getting more use to it. Although I am never going to get use to the constant talking and in my business that has started now…

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Sprout cups baby food storage system

When Dexter was a baby I never made him his own food, I thought it would be to difficult and time consuming. Not to mention I thought I would spend more money and food would always go bad. This time around with Max I knew I wanted to make him his own food after learning about the things they put in baby food and don’t tell you. So with Max I began a baby food making journey. It was incredibly easy. Except one thing. I could not find anything to put the food in! I bought a product that came with baby food storage jars but instead of being convenient they were more “cutesy” They were not practical at all and I had a hard time using them.

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No longer a messy bag lady!

Picture this: A lady walking down the street, in high heels, cute outfit, two cute kids with her,  but then you notice something is off, she has two bags overflowing with stuff. Neither bag is very cute nor functional. That lady is me. Okay so I am probably not in heels and my kids are probably screaming. But none the less my whole outfit is being ruined by this monstrosities of diaper bags/purses I have to carry and they are not even doing their jobs!

Usually I am carrying 2 bags or one purse and one book bag. The dreaded book bag. EWW. So when PinkLinning sent me a bag to review I was so excited! Although it took me almost an hour to pick out which bag I wanted. All of their bags are so cute! I finally decided on the Yummy Mummy in Navy bows . First let me tell you how cute this bag is! It makes me feel like I am coordinated and cute. I am usually a big mess but with this bag I at least look put together. I love the cup cake on the front but Dexter says “Its not very nice to not really have a cupcake in there, that’s not nice”. But I think it is a cute touch. Another thing about the cuteness of this bag is the cute lining and that it is actually pink! I love it.

Okay now onto the actual functionality of this bag.

So as you can see this bag has a pocket for everything! And all the pockets are big enough for the stuff they say can go in there. I love the thermo insulated pockets. I can keep the boys sippy cups cool, and I can also fit a fruit pouch in there along side. The fruit pouches have to be kept cold so I love not having to worry about them! I love how big the main compartment is too I can fit all their stuff plus my stuff and it stays organized! I also love how easy it is to clean. You can just take a damp wash cloth to the outside and clean off any spill! The Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag also comes with a cushioned changing and a wet bag, each featuring cupcakes.
This is a normal amount of stuff for me to have in my diaper bag.
roughly, two cloth diapers, a wet bag, two sippy cups, two fruit pouches, extra clothes for both kids, extra unders for Dexter, two pairs of shoes, sunscreen a snack, a disposable toilet seat cover, wipes, sunscreen, car keys, phone, sunglasses and my camera.
and it all fit. and neatly too. I know the picture looks crowded but if you saw what my normal bag looked like you would agree this is neat.
The bag was not exploding and the side pocket even made it so I could bring something along for myself :O) I ended up putting my keys and phone in the front pocket and they fit nicely plus I didn’t have to go searching for them!
The diaper bag also comes with a removable shoulder strap. I like the shoulder strap better but I think a little padding on it would be nice, as my diaper bag sometimes gets a bit heavy!
This bag is really great and I would definitely recommend it to a friend! You can buy them here. Also you can “like” them on Facebook and follow them on twitter, you never know what they are going to come up with next so don’t miss out!
-Megan Our5cents
“Disclosure :  I received one or more of the products or Services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”